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"The depth and intelligence that Mr. Christopher brought to his character was incredible. The scene was his canvas and he painted with finesse. It was great working with a professional artist that was ready to dive in, get inside the story, and work hard. His presence on set helped inspire the rest of my cast and crew to give it their all. He has a zen-like confidence that I haven't encountered since working with the late David Carradine in 2007.

Donny Hall

Director - Bouquet By Numbers


"The thing I love about working with David is his raw availability. He has a presence,  whether I am working with him as an actor embodying a character or just as himself in my documentary where he shared about his own real life experiences. David is such an amazing storyteller. His personal journey was told with vulnerability and a generous heart that aims to help others. But David's gifts go beyond his ability to act. It's his authenticity and integrity as human that makes him such a compelling character whether on the screen, or off."

William Allen

Writer/Director - Holy Hell


"David Christopher is possessed of an acting talent that supersedes techniques or tricks. His work is rooted in honesty, simplicity, and a deep well of personal character. He is a courageous and tireless actor who I feel truly privileged to have worked with and look forward to collaborating with in the future."

Cullen Metcalf-Kelly

Writer/Director of Lucas Cain


“From the minute I first met David, I knew I was dealing with an actor head and shoulders above the rest. He possesses a controlled intensity that is absolutely magnetic. The man is a workhorse. He shows up prepared and open to direction. He comes ready to play and contribute. He's a generous team player committed to the success of everyone around him. I am blessed to have met David. He took on the role of Fisher Rood in a way I could only have dreamed of. Working with David was both a delight and an honor. He's a leading man in every sense of the word.”

Charles Wiedman

Writer/Director - The Sinner


“David Christopher is a director’s dream: he is responsive to direction, yet inventive as well; he shines as an individual but he meshes seamlessly into an ensemble; he has the looks of the matinee idol, along with the humility of the character player. Whenever he is available, he will always be foremost in my mind when casting a play. Apart from being a fantastic actor, he is also an incredible human being. I can think of no cast that would not be better with the inclusion of David Christopher.”

Charles Stites

Director - Glengarry Glen Ross


"David Christopher is one of those rare actors who can authentically embody a role and also bring an A-level consummate professional spirit and positive energy to his work on the set."

Martin Guigui

Director - Beneath The Darkness


“David Christopher is a crucial part of the credibility of the overall film. Thank you David for everything you brought to our table!"

Ronnie Clemmer

Producer - Beneath The Darkness


“David Christopher’s talent is his ability to reach within the soul of the character and understand their pulse. His work with The M.O. of M.I. was nothing less than superb. He took a complex piece about betrayal, deception and cunning and added an electric current that ran through his character from start to finish. If you are looking for consistency and professionalism, as well as method, experience and training – look to him.”

Aaron Brown

Writer/Executive Producer - The Modus Operandi Of Male Intimacy


“David Christopher approaches every nuance of the acting craft with an understanding of the human psyche and experience. Every decision on The Overman we made together and the byproduct was a character that could live, breath and bleed. Thank you David for dedicating your talents to projects that call for the lifeblood you offer as an actor.”

Christian Rousseau

Writer/Director – The Overman


"Although David Christopher is a natural leading man w/ rugged good looks who you can literally shoot from any side, it's his deep bag of acting chops from extensive theater/stage work that makes him fearless, raw and unique.... it’s only a matter of time til the world catches up to him. He's a star waiting to shine."

Jesse Dayton

Writer/Director - Zombex






"David Christopher is a square-jawed stubbly badass as the title character in the movie The Sinner."

Harry Knowles

Ain’t It Cool News


"There is no doubt the main character of Fisher Rood is an anti-hero the audiences can get behind. David Christopher stole the movie as this larger than life anti-hero. He reminded me of a mixture of The Stetson Man and Clint Eastwood except with more of an emotional appeal."

Amy Curtis

The Examiner


"In The M.O. of M.I. (The Modus Operandi of Male Intimacy) David Christopher has enough sexual chemistry for the whole cast.”

Ronnie Scheib

Variety Magazine


“The magnetic David Christopher is flawless as Jonathan Tory in the film The M.O. of M.I. and should be able to smolder his way out of panhandle productions and into a mainstream career.”

Robert Pardi

TV Guide





"Holy Hell" is nominated for the Grand Jury Prize - Sundance Film Festival 2016.


David Christopher wins Best Actor award at the 2014 Indie Horror Film Festival for his lead role in "Zombex".


"Lucas Cain" wins Best Film at the Manhattan Film Festival 2014 in the short horror division.


David Christopher nominated for Best Actor in a feature film by Fear Fete Film Festival 2014 for his starring role in "Zombex".


"The Overman" film wins the Award of Merit from the prestigious, international Accolade Competition.


Nominated for Best Actor in a Drama for his role of Tom Joad in "The Grapes of Wrath" – I.D. Payne Awards 2009


Nominated for Best Ensemble for the play "Glengarry Glen Ross" – Austin Critics Table Awards 2009


"The Grapes of Wrath" and "Glengarry Glen Ross" both nominated for Best Drama – I.D. Payne Awards 2009


"The M.O. of M.I." nominated for Best Feature at the Fire Island Film Festival.

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